Who am I?

My portfolio is a work in progress. (Isn't it always?) Here's one recent interesting project:

Caravan GPS

Caravan GPS is a design idea I developed for an HCI class, to support people traveling together, in multiple vehicles, wishing to arrive together at a common destination. (Soccer tournament, football game, etc.) I call these users “Travelers”. I call any number of Travelers choosing to travel together (via buses, trucks, and cars) to a specific destination at a specific expected arrival date/time a “Caravan”.

Travelers have unique communication and routing needs not fully supported by currently available GPS systems; coordinating stops, changes in plans, and automatically notifying of arrival. The Caravan GPS will have standard GPS routing features, and be enhanced to provide these additional features. In addition, Caravan GPS can import destination information, so it can be established once, eliminating redundant entry by multiple (possibly distracted) Travelers. It’s likely that a “Host” (representing the destination) would create this “Plan” information to be used by the Caravan GPS.

I identified two components to this system: “Caravan GPS”, a smartphone app, and “Caravan Host”, a web-based client-server system which will store a “Plan” in the cloud, where it can be accessed by Caravan GPS.

Travelers and Hosts were each described with a Persona, and Scenarios were written for the major tasks. The Personas and Scenarios were developed simultaneously, and iteratively.

Low-fidelity screen wireframe mockups were first sketched on paper, then created using myBalsamiq. I found it helpful to draft a document where mockups were aligned with scenario text; this made it easy to iteratively adjust the mockups and scenarios.

The full preliminary design document is available upon request.

I then constructed two medium-fidelity interaction prototypes using Axure. In some cases, I have included instructions or explanations in text shown with the prototypes.

Check back later to see some more interesting products.

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